Legal Executives Jobs – Understanding Legal Careers

To help you understand the job carried out by legal executives we have identified the qualifications needed to become a legal executive and what their job involves on a day to day basis.

Specialise One Area – Legal executives are the specialists of the law world. They specialise in one particular area that suits both the skills and what they find most enjoyable. These different areas can vary hugely though by working in these specific niches they are able to gain a huge reservoir of knowledge and experience which makes they time valuable to clients.

Have the ILEX Qualification – Like many jobs there is a professional body which has a qualification which entitles them to use a certain titles. The institute of legal executives is one such organisation. They have a professional qualification which enables their members to be known as legal executives. They also offer further specialist training as well as the representation offered by most legal bodies.

5 Years Experience – Becoming a legal executive requires a minimum of 5 years legal experience. This normally served working under a qualified solicitor or senior legal executive.

Fee Earners – Many of the jobs within the legal sector are not known as ‘fee-earner’ positions. These such as legal secretary don’t work directly with clients. As a consequence those such as legal executives who are known as ‘fee-earners’ have a certain cachet.

Charged To Clients – because the legal executives are working directly for the clients they time is billed to the clients at an hourly rate. The more qualified and expert the legal executive the more their firm is able to charge for their time.

Types of Legal Executive.

Conveyancing – a conveyancer works on the legal aspects of the sale of property. Including the transference of the fees and other aspects sale of the properties. Technically a legal executive specialising in conveyancing is responsible for the transferring of the legal title of a property and making sure that nothing is wrong with the property to prevent a mortgage or later resale.

Family Law – another area where many legal executives choose to specialise is in family law. Dealing with domestic law requires a high level of professionalism and an in-depth knowledge of case laws and precedent. Experts are in high demand and the cost of their services can be quite lucrative for the legal firm.

Business – some legal executives purely work on business law and niches within the area. For example the setting up of companies or the dissolution of partnerships. Often the more specific the skills the greater their value.

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